College Students and Young Adults

college students College students coming directly from high school have taken a major step into their adult lives.  Some college students live on their own for the first time.  Learning how to navigate basic needs, academics, and social relationships can be frightening and confusing.  Other college students live at home and have to balance their demanding class schedules with the wants and needs of parents and siblings.  Still other college students come from nontraditional backgrounds where they have to manage jobs and families of their own alongside college class schedules and assignments.  Many students, regardless of their background, will have to wrestle with their own evolving preferences and occupational goals.

Young adults present with unique sets of problems as well.  They may be thinking of attending graduate school, starting a career, exploring new places, buying or renting property, managing chores and bills, marriage, or starting families of their own. 

Each stage of life can be challenging and scary but it can become a little easier with the help of a mental health specialist.  Fostering a safe environment is crucial to working through these stressors.



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